1. When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

    How to tell it’s time to replace your air conditioning unit Hello, and welcome back to the Ken’s Heating and Air Conditioning blog. Our AC company provides the Batavia area with personable service and incomparable work. We’re dedicated to making sure that all of our clients receive the HVAC service that they need at a reasonable price. While we’re constantly working with the Batavia and Ci…Read More

  2. Why Our HVAC Company is Unparalleled

    Welcome to Ken’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Here’s why we believe our company is the best in the business! Hey there and welcome to the Ken’s HVAC blog! Yes, we have an entire blog dedicated to HVAC. Why? Because our HVAC company is so dedicated to ensuring that our clients are happy with their heating and air conditioning needs and we want to ensure that they’re receiving assistance wi…Read More

  3. The change is upon us!

    Your old r-22 unit is obsolete, if you need a new condensor or coil your probably out of luck. r-22 is no longer being manufactured but still available. unfortunately if you need to replace your unit they are being replaced with r-410a , what does this mean? it means you will have to change the whole system to a new 410a unit for it to be compatible and efficient. converting is not a good option.m…Read More

  4. Attic Insulation is Important in Every Climate

    As energy costs continue to increase, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to reduce costs without compromising the comfort that comes from a properly heated or cooled home. Regardless of where you live, attic insulation can help you save on energy bills by reducing the amount of electricity you use to heat or cool your home. Attics are often one of the easiest places in your home to insu…Read More

  5. So that’s why you need a humidifier

    We often associate winter with dehydrated skin and chapped lips, but there are more health consequences of the season’s frigid temps. Believe it or not, winter dryness can affect everything from your teeth to your throat and even contribute to the onset of the flu virus. Yuck. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to these cold weather woes. Using a humidifier at home can help combat winter’s n…Read More

  6. Does My A/C or Heat Pump Use Up Refrigerant(freon)?

    The answer is no , If you have to add refrigerant you have a leak some where and need to have a professional technician find and repair it. Why you ask? Because an a/c unit or heat pump is a sealed system and letting refrigerant leak out and constant recharging is bad for the environment and your system. If a system is getting recharged all the time it is probably getting contaminants in it which …Read More

  7. Airflow Problems!

    Sometimes you find you have a room that is too hot or too cold this may be an airflow problem. Is your blower on the right speed setting? Is it sized correctly? Are the blower, filter and coils clean? Are there return air grills in each room? Is the ductwork sized correctly? These are all things that will cause airflow problems. Sometimes air flow can be adjusted or Balanced to help if the blower …Read More

  8. Have allergies? dry home?

    These are all terrible things to deal with on a daily basis, But there are solutions to these problems. Humidifiers help with static shock, dry air, allergies, and make your home feel more comfortable in the dry winter. It makes a big difference believe me. For allergies or asthma, breathing problems you can try electronic air cleaners, hepa filters, electrostatic air filters or uv lamps. these wi…Read More

  9. How long will my hvac equipment last?

    Gas, oil furnaces and air conditioners can last from 15 to 20 years. Heat pumps can last 12 to 15 years. If properly maintained, if not maintained they wont last as long and will be inefficent. Cost more to operate. If your system is over five years old its not near as efficient as whats available these days. Gas furnaces can be 96% efficient. Oil furnaces 80% and heat pumps and air conditioners c…Read More