Don’t freeze to death this winter! It’s time to prepare your HVAC for the cold!

It’s already mid-October in Batavia, Ohio and you know what that means. Midwestern winters aren’t something to underestimate, especially when it comes to relying on your heaters. We rely on our heating to keep our homes and businesses not only comfortable, but also safe. When temperatures dip below freezing, we look to our heaters to keep our household from freezing. Blankets could only do so much! In light of the upcoming winter months, our HVAC company has come up with a list of ways to prepare your heating units for the cold. It’s better to prevent problems than to wait for them to occur and replace them.

Make sure that your thermostat is working

Heating is necessary, but it’s also expensive. Newer furnaces and heating units are customized with programmable thermometers that keep the temperature in your home controlled. With a thermostat, you set it to a certain temperature and the power of your heater adjusts itself accordingly. For example, if you set the temperature to 68 degrees, your heating unit will only run until your home reaches that temperature.

Older units would just run and it would be up to you to turn it off when you felt it was warm enough. This was both inefficient and not cost-effective. Thermostats help to keep energy usage at a minimum. Before the colder days come around, be sure to have your thermostat inspected. This will help to keep your energy bills low and your home comfortable!

Replace filters regularly

When your furnace is pumping out heat, it’s using air from your home or business. Unfortunately, even if you’re clean and tidy, the air in your home is anything but. Between dander, dust, and allergens, air quality isn’t always the best and it’s up to your filter to catch these particles and prevent them from recirculating through the air. Our HVAC company recommends switching out filters at least twice during the winter months. This number varies on the size of the home and how often you use your heater. And, if you’re a business, this number is going to be much, much higher. If you haven’t replaced your filter since last winter, be sure to do that! Filters aren’t expensive and they keep air clean and your heater running smoothly.

Have heating system inspected

Calling and scheduling maintenance for your heater before the colder months is more than just necessary. If your heater breaks down in the summer, chances are, there won’t be any issues. Conversely, if your heater breaks down in the winter, you’re going to run into issues. Maintenance is almost always going to be less expensive than a repair or replacement, especially if you have a service agreement with your local HVAC company. Usually, if they detect a problem, they can repair it before it becomes worse. A small issue will almost always become a larger one if you wait long enough. Ken’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers maintenance agreements that guarantee quick and low-priced preventative maintenance for all those who sign up. If you’re in the Batavia area, be sure to consider this agreement, especially before the frigid winter months!

Install/inspect carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. If you have a heating unit, you should always have a carbon monoxide detector in your home or business. If the unit has a malfunction, it may leak carbon monoxide, which is a deadly gas. Again, carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Humans can’t see, smell, or taste it. Carbon monoxide detectors notify you if the gas is present. If you don’t have one installed, now is the time to do so. If you do, make sure that the batteries have been changed and that it’s working properly. Most detectors come with a test button so that you could make sure the alarm actually works.

Do you live in Batavia and need a reliable HVAC company to make sure everything is working properly before the upcoming winter months? Don’t hesitate to contact Ken’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer some of the best services in the area, including our service agreements. For maintenance, repairs, and replacements, contact us today!