How to Keep Your HVAC Units Running Smoothly

Hello, friends in the Batavia area, and welcome back! Ken’s Heating and Air Conditioning is an HVAC company here in Batavia, Ohio, and we work hard to provide our clients with top notch repairs and installations. In addition to our excellent dedication to a job well-done, we also try to help when we’re off the clock by keeping you up to date with tips and tricks from our blog!

HVAC units aren’t cheap to fix and having them replaced is an entirely different ballgame. Today, we thought we’d go over some maintenance tips so that your HVAC units last for years without having to be repaired or replaced! If you have an air conditioning system or heating unit in your home, be sure to follow these tips!

Have it serviced about once a year

Even if your units seem to be running smoothly, we still highly recommend scheduling a heating and air conditioning service inspection for your home about once a year. A technician will come in and quickly inspect your system to make sure that it’s running properly. Sometimes, there will be problems that you had no idea even existed. Allowing these problems to progress and become worse will end up with a more expensive repair cost. Regular maintenance visits from the professionals can help you prevent unforeseen problems and expenses.

Update it if it’s an older model

Sometimes, the air conditioner that you’ve had in your home for ten years simply cannot be reliable anymore. If your unit is of a certain age, it might be worth considering a replacement. For instance, older models are more likely to break down. The sum of the costs from having it fixed multiple times is likely going to be higher than having a new one installed.

Have your air filter replaced regularly

Most air conditioning units are equipped with a filter that catches dirt and particles. As the filter becomes dirtier, the unit runs less smoothly and efficiently. A new air filter isn’t an expensive purchase, and most are less than $20. Ken’s Heating & Air Conditioning would be happy to help you out with air filter replacements to keep your HVAC units running smoothly and properly. A quick change of the filter once or twice a year can go a long way in keeping your system running smoothly.

Keep an eye out for issues

Use your best judgment when you notice that something is up with your HVAC unit. If it’s making strange noises, leaking, or not heating or cooling your home as it should be, you might want the help of a professional. Our Batavia HVAC company recommends calling for an inspection if any of these issues arise.

Check fuel and power lines

For air conditioners, make sure that the wiring and connections aren’t broken or faulty. If you notice that some of the wires are broken or the protective sheaths are cracked, you should schedule to have these issues fixed so as not to run into more severe issues down the road.

For heaters, if the gas or electric lines connected to the unit don’t seem quite right, and the heat isn’t as strong as it should be, there might be an issue with the connections. Additionally, if the burners of the heater are covered in soot, Your HVAC technician can inspect the issue and provide a solution so that things get back to normal ASAP!

Adjust the temperature on the thermostat

Now that summer is finally saying goodbye, we don’t need to keep our air conditioners running on high as often. As you see fit, try to adjust the temperature on your air conditioner or heater depending on the temperature outside. That way, your units aren’t constantly running full power and causing a substantial amount of wear and tear in the process. Additionally, opt to turn the systems off on days where the temperature is just right.

Again, the price of a repair or replacement far outweighs the cost of extra diligence. Additionally, our Batavia HVAC company offers maintenance agreements to all of our clients at an affordable cost. For any repair, replacement, or installation inquiries, please give Ken’s Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We’d be more than happy to assist you!