Is it freezing in here or is it just me? Here are the signs of a broken furnace

It’s finally almost autumn, which means that winter here in Batavia is creeping around the corner. We all know that winters in Ohio are far from mild. Between the bitter cold and high snowfalls, we never seem to get a break. That being said, unless we’re okay with freezing, a working heating system in our home is absolutely necessary. Ken’s Heating & Air Conditioning has been working with heaters and furnaces for years now, and we know all of the warning signs that point to either a repair or replacement. Neglecting the health of your furnace can lead to future issues that are more difficult to solve and ones that can pose health risks.

In light of the upcoming season, our HVAC company thought that it would be beneficial to discuss some of these warning signs and what the solution might be. Normally, if the problem is small enough, you may just need a quick repair. If it’s more significant, a replacement might be in order.

You smell gas

We decided to start off on this note because it’s arguably the most dangerous warning sign. The smell of gas indicates a potential gas leak in your furnace. Gas is highly flammable, and something as small as a spark can light your home ablaze. In the event that you smell gas in your home, turn off all valves in the furnace and do not light any matches or flames. Contact your local HVAC company as soon as possible to have the issue inspected and fixed.

You notice water pooling around your furnace

Water isn’t nearly as dangerous as gas is, but it’s still problematic and indicates an issue with your system. If you notice water, it’s likely coming from a condensation component in the furnace that’s blocked or malfunctioning. Having this issue looked at immediately can help prevent further damage that would likely require a replacement rather than a repair.

Your furnace is making loud noises

While furnaces from the past were a bit louder, today’s units are made to be silent. That being said, most older furnaces have likely been replaced by newer ones by this time, and something like a loud bang or a constant “whirring” sound could indicate that a valve is messed up or a system isn’t functioning optimally. Sometimes, these problems are quick fixes, especially if you own a newer model. However, if you are using an older model, and these issues have been becoming increasingly more frequent, you might need a replacement.

Your utilities bill is higher than usual

Say you haven’t moved homes, nobody else has moved in, and you’ve been using your heating for the same amount as always, but your utilities bill is suddenly much higher. While there are several factors that could contribute, one of them could very well be that your furnace is outdated or malfunctioning. In both of these cases, your system might require extra power to run, therefore running up your gas bill. If you signed up for a maintenance agreement with Ken’s Heating and Air Conditioning, one of our experienced technicians can help point out if your system is reaching its age potential and suggest when it might be time for a replacement.  

Most of the above issues could easily be prevented by having your furnace serviced at least once a year. Regular maintenance helps to detect issues before they become an extremely expensive, dangerous, and/or difficult to assess problem. Signing up for an HVAC maintenance agreement with Ken’s Heating & Air Conditioning is an affordable way to not only keep your system running smoothly, but to also put your needs up front. For more information, please contact our HVAC company.