As a homeowner, you probably rarely think about temperature control until those temperatures are suddenly impossible to handle. Enter your trusty HVAC unit, responsible for controlling the climate throughout your entire house. It’s a major part of how comfortable you are in your own home. On occasion, you might give a thought to your HVAC unit, perhaps you ponder whether or not it needs maintenance or upgrading. If you’re thinking of upgrading a high-velocity HVAC is the answer to all of your temperature control needs. It’s the next big thing in temperature control in your home. Don’t get caught unprepared for that extra cold, or extra hot, weather. High velocity offers quite a few amenities for the money it’ll cost to upgrade.

Enhanced Temp Regulation

With the cold weather in full swing, you’re almost certainly experiencing cold spots around your house. These can be defined as those corners in your home that seem completely untouched by your temperature control system. As the winter progresses into those long, vitamin- D deficient months of January and February, these little spots of cold are going to seem even worse because every time you walk through, you’ll get an unpleasant chill down your spine. Your current, conventional HVAC is pushing high volumes of air from a couple places which causes some turbulence in the conditioned room. That turbulence is what is responsible for those nasty draft spots that’ll make the hair on the back of your neck rise unexpectedly. The new High-velocity HVACs produce a much more constant rate of temperature by evenly pushing air throughout your home by using aspiration. Aspiration works by using high-velocity(hence the name) air to pull stagnant air into the stream to keep the environment free of drafts and ensure that the comfort level is consistent.

Designed For Variation

Installing a new HVAC system can be terribly tedious. Sometimes the new system requires compromises to allow it to enter the home and be effective. Conventional systems come with huge and cumbersome components that can force you to redesign the whole HVAC area to accommodate them. High-velocity HVACs, however, are a fourth of the size of the pre-dated counterpart. Therefore, they won’t require a dropped ceiling, soffits, or other potential obstacles to installing the system. You’ll generally see these new high-velocity systems come equipped with rounded ducts which easily slide behind walls and floors without issue. They’ll come with compact air handlers that minimize your footprint by two-thirds in comparison to your original system. These smaller and better components remove the need to renovate when installing a new HVAC or even repairing it. This makes high-velocity a highly desirable option for those individuals with an older, probably draftier, and architecturally vulnerable building.

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