Welcome back to Ken’s Heating & Air Conditioning’s blog! We previously covered the benefits of high-velocity HVACs, the new kid on the block as far as heating and cooling systems. Read all about the basic improvements to the HVAC high-velocity is making here. An upgrade has been anticipated greatly in the industry and it really does satisfy all of your expectations. If you have a boutique home, an older more structurally sensitive home, or just want a greener and easier hidden HVAC option then high-velocity is the answer to all of your questions.

The Definition of Efficient

Older systems are known for their lack of efficiency. Those little leaks that you’d think wouldn’t add up much can limit the efficiency of a system by 25 percent. High-velocity ducts come with a thin sheath of insulation that prevents these little leaks that become a huge problem. This causes them to lose less than 5 percent of the treated air that the system is busy manufacturing and shipping into the rooms of your home. This means, as a homeowner you’re getting everything you pay for and losing none of it. These new HVAC systems come with new air handlers that will effectively remove 30 percent more humidity from a room than the original systems. This will make your air feel closer to the temperature it’s claiming on the thermostat. In regard to cooling your home, this means you can set your thermostat higher than you would have previously. Each notch on your thermostat actually equals 3 percent in energy saving, which can add up quickly.

Better Looking

HVACs are not only huge and metal, and not at all attractive, they can even mess up the layout of a room. With wall-mounted air handlers or window clogging AC units, large metal vents, and ugly grillwork, people have been getting creative on how to hide these unsightly characteristics for years. With high-velocity, there’s hardly a need anymore. High-velocity systems are cleaving new paths of discreet HVAC units. Many find it extremely easy to design around the hidden little registers. They can even be placed anywhere in a room the homeowner deems more convenient. You can choose from 5 inch round outlets, or slotted half an inch by eight-inch rectangles. You can find them in a variety of colors and materials, even pre-stained wood.

Nearly Silent

When you think of “high-velocity” a jet might come to mind or any other loud, obnoxious woosh of air. However, user reports suggest that the new high-velocity systems are much quieter than your traditional HVAC unit. This is achieved in the same fashion that the high-velocity HVAC earned its energy efficient rating. The insulation surrounding your new system would also offer a sound barrier that your old system did not have. Your new air handlers will also come with a shield created from decibel-dampening, closed- cell insulation that will kill the sound and vibration at the origin. Your new ducts will come equipped with a nylon lining in the core, and an exterior of sound quenching insulation.  

Although it sounds slightly ridiculous, high-velocity is the HVAC of the future. Eventually, temperature control will become much more coordinated with these transitionally being installed in residential and commercial applications. Don’t let your home lag behind, call Ken’s Heating & Cooling today to get a quote on your new HVAC system that can bring your home up to par with your expected consistent comfort level. We’ve proudly served the Bavatia area for many years and we’re excited to add you to our list of happy customers. Contact us today to find out about residential air conditioning and furnace maintenance.