Used to eradicate mold spore growth on system cooling coils, UV lamps, also referred to as UV surface treatment systems, ensure that you and your staff (or family members) are kept safe from the health risks that microorganisms present. Once only available for commercial application, such as in hospitals, pharmacies, and commercial kitchens, spore-killing UV lamps are now available to homeowners, and our HVAC company is experienced in installing and repairing them.

Free of ozone-producing elements, UV lamps are safe to use and are equipped with a number of safety features that allow for easy operation and peace of mind. Installing UV lamps does require the knowledge and expertise of an experienced HVAC installation technician but it can be completed in little time and very affordably. Specifically trained and skilled, our HVAC technicians ensure the correct placement and installation of UV lamps for either commercial or residential use.
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